Jan. 18, 2017   


Teacher Aide/Title VII Indian Ed Cultural Specialist/Tutor $8.00/hr.
Night Watchman $8.70/hr. Sub $7.25/hr.
Groundskeeper $8.70/hr. Sub $8.20/hr.

We accept applications year-round for the support positions below.  Applications are kept on file for one year.  In the event openings become available, principals and/or managers will contact applicants directly to schedule interviews.  The first pay rate listed is for employees who are hired by the board of education.  The second rate of pay is for employees who are hired on a temporary basis to sub in those positions. 

Cafeteria Worker $8.00/hr. Sub $7.25/hr.
Substitute Cook $7.25/hr.
Teacher Aide $8.00/hr. Sub $7/25.hr.
Paraprofessional Teacher Aide $8.20/hr. Sub $7.25/hr
Skilled Paraprofessional Teacher Aide $8.70/hr. Sub $8.20/hr.
Custodian $8.00/hr. Sub $7.25/hr.
Paraprofessional Bus Aide $8.00/hr. Sub $7.25/hr.
Bus Drivers $10.50/hr. Sub $10.00/hr.
Night Custodian $8.70/hr. Sub $7.25/hr.
Maintenance $8.70/hr. Sub $8.20/hr.

Grove Public School does not discriminate in employment policies regarding selection, transfer, promotion, termination, compensation, or other benefits or responsibilities of employment on the basis of race, creed, national origin, color, religion, age, handicap or sex; nor does the District discriminate on this basis in educational programs or activities.  Please apply through the Superintendent’s Office for these openings.

Sandy Coaly, Superintendent
Grove Public School