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    Through its PICH (Partnerships Improving Community Health) grant, the Cherokee Nation, working with the Delaware County Community Partnership (DCCP), provided the resources for this student project promoting a tobacco free environment. The PICH grant is funded through the Centers for Disease Control.The 6th grade Leadership Team and 6th grade GATE students completed this project together.
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    Grove Administration Building

    310 S Broadway - Grove, OK 74344 - 918-786-3003
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    Grove High School

    Grove High School is located at 700 Ford Road and serves more than 675 students in the ninth through twelfth grades. Phone 918-786-3003
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    Grove Middle School

    Grove Middle School is located at 517 W 10th Street and serves over 370 students in the seventh and eighth grades. Phone 918-786-3003
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    Grove Upper Elementary

    Grove Upper Elementary School is located at 801 W 7th Street and serves over 500 students in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Phone 918-786-3003
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    Grove Lower Elementary

    Grove Lower Elementary School is located at 801 W 10th Street and serves almost 600 students in the first, second and third grades. Phone 918-786-3003
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    Grove Early Childhood Center

    Grove Early Childhood Center is located at 901 W 10th Street and serves over 335 students in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Phone 918-786-3003
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