Welcome to Alternative Education!
I would like to welcome you to Grove Alternative Academy.  The mission of our program is to educate the whole student.  We want to enable our students to develop the academic, technical, and life skills necessary to become happy, healthy, productive, and responsible adults.
Through individualized instruction and group learning we want our students to take responsibility for their own education and become proud of the accomplishments and tasks they perform during their experience in our program.  We provide a quality education and are proud of the goals our students set and achieve for themselves.  Each student will receive respect, fairness, friendship, and an environment that is appropriate for his or her learning style.
Grove Alternative Academy is a branch of Grove High School.  If you are interested in applying to be part of our program you may contact us at 918-786-3003x1035 or stop by the high school and get an information packet from Mrs. Dubois in the counselor's office. 
At Grove Alternative....Success is the only alternative!