Dear Grove Public School Community,

I would like to take this opportunity as Grove Superintendent to welcome you to the Ridgerunner website!  I am very pleased that you are taking your time to browse our school site.  I hope that you find it very informative and easy to navigate.  We will continue to add valuable information as the year progresses so please visit the site to keep in touch with what is happening at Grove Public Schools.

Grove Public Schools has numerous programs, from academics to athletics, to offer our students and community.  With the help of a dedicated staff and school board we educate approximately 2,500 students (PreK-12) on a daily basis to prepare them to be college ready.

The Grove community support is one more positive attribute that helps make our students successful in the education of our youth.

Listed below you will find five goals that are very important for our school this year.  It will take the entire TEAM to achieve all of these goals.

  1. Building better relationships with students and our stakeholders.
  2. Literacy in every classroom every day.
  3. Highly Effective Teachers in every classroom.
  4. Improving technology to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners.
  5. Continue to improve facilities.

The results will be…Best school in Oklahoma! “Home of the Ridgerunners”


Sandy Coaly